Dreaming Of You

by Richard Scott

Released 2016
Released 2016
A variety of great easy listening songs with a country feel, now add some 50's doo-wop vocals and you got some excellent listening songs to kick back and relax. Lots of variety in this album.
Scott Rudnick is both a songwriter/musician and vocalist.
Playing keyboards, guitar, and drums scott utilized his writing skills and combined country with the sound of 1950's do-wop. Utilizing both the instruments of country
and the 1950's The album Dreaming of you was born.

Scott is the songwriter and guitarist for Coyote Pass,
Coyote Pass is a new group that combines the sound of country, 50's Do-Wop, Adult Contemporary with some great
combinations of country and 1950's instrumentation.

Scott recieved 2 grammy nominations in 2003 and the golden telly award for best new country music video from an
independant artist. Scott's desire to promote and bring new up coming artists to the light was the reason he started Kurenza Records.

Kurenza Records Focus is on artists that have great material and songs with a soothing flavor in them. Material that people will enjoy and understand the feeling
and expression of the song,is the type of music kurenza
Records looks for.

The album Dreaming of You is a suberb collection of orginal songs that are pleasing to the ear and something
that people of all ages will enjoy. Soothing, and relaxing
are the key elements of this album. It is an album that you can sit back with friends, loved ones, family during dinner, a barbeques, on the beach, even a walk on the boardwalk during the moon lite night with your favorite boy friend or girl friend.

If you love great music with great lyrics at a great price you can not lose buying this album. I assure you this will be a favorite for many years to come.